ICO publishes 2022/23 annual report

03/08/2023 | ICO

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has released its annual report for 2022/23, highlighting the progress made towards achieving the goals outlined in the ICO25, the regulator's three-year strategy. The report underscores the emphasis on transforming the approach to working with the public sector and empowering them to safeguard people's information while improving public services. Additionally, the ICO has revamped its approach to freedom of information and environmental information responsibilities through the Better FOI programme and the publication of the FOI Upstream regulation report. The regulator has also embraced transparency by publishing its official reprimands, which help organisations comply with the law by learning from others' experiences. 


In terms of its performance on handling data protection complaints, the ICO received 33,753 data protection complaints in 2022/23 compared to 36,343 in 2021/22, indicating a slight downward trend. Complaints about the right of access and providing personal data accounted for the most complaints at 36.79%. In total, the ICO issued 39,724 outcome decisions, down from 41,088 in 2021/22. The ICO also reduced its overall caseload to 3,558 and, by the end of the year, achieved its stated target of issuing over 80% of decisions within three months.

The total number of freedom of information complaints dropped to 5,479 across the 12 months from 6,361 in 2021/22. The ICO also closed a record high of 7,103 cases this year, compared to 5,932 the previous year and 6,421 in 2019/20. At the end of the reporting period, the ICO's active caseload is the lowest ever at 703 cases. The ICO issued 2,822 statutory decision notices in the year, double the 1,409 in 2021/22 and 1,446 in 2019/20. 

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