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As an accredited BCS and IAPP training partner, Freevacy is proud to be regarded as one of the UK's leading independent GDPR training providers.

Freevacy is an information rights learning and development specialist. Established in 2015, we deliver professional workplace qualifications, and custom data protection online training services throughout the whole of the UK.

Accredited Data Protection Training

We believe professional development is essential if employees are to feel valued and supported in their role. Attending an accredited course, which also leads to a recognised qualification, builds the confidence and credibility of those who work hard to pass the final exam. It provides an opportunity to grow as individuals, to take on new responsibilities, and become leaders in the workplace.

Since the introduction of the GDPR, every organisation is expected to determine the necessary level of expert knowledge it needs to oversee its data processing operations. With the demand for experienced privacy professionals at an all-time high, it should come as no surprise that employers are increasingly training existing staff with professional qualifications as the solution to this legal obligation.

It is for these reasons that we have chosen to partner with two of the most respected global examination bodies in the privacy arena. Working with the BCS and IAPP, we offer a range of certificated information rights courses to fulfil all your GDPR elearning needs.

Custom Data Protection Courses

We recognise that not every employee, team or department requires professional GDPR training. In these situations, instead of asking you to choose from a selection of pre-developed off-the-shelf courses, we work with you to prepare a bespoke training programme that meets your particular circumstances. In doing so, we save you time and money by only focusing on the most relevant subject areas.

Training style and approach

We take an informal approach to information rights training. By this, we mean our data protection courses are relaxed and open so everyone feels comfortable participating in subjects that can otherwise be quite dry. Our trainers prefer to examine the practical implications surrounding compliance rather than focus solely on developing a legal understanding. Of course, we cover the same material, it's just that we deliver it with an emphasis on real-world situations. We do this to ensure our attendees learn about ethical data use and not just the letter of the laws. In addition to gaining essential knowledge about how to implement and comply with the law, our delegates also understand why it is of such importance.

Our style is suited to professionals working in any area of business who have privacy management or governance, risk and compliance responsibilities as part of their day to day role, regardless of their level of experience or position. Our goal is to enable the people you have entrusted to manage your data handling operations to strike the right balance.

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If you are interested in finding out how we can develop the data handling skills of your team, or you would like to enquire about data online protection training to become an expert DPO, head over to our contact page and drop us a line.

What are information rights?

The term Information Rights relates to two areas of UK and EU law:

It covers the laws governing how organisations handle personal information about us.

  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (2003)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (2016)
  • Data Protection Act (2018)

And laws and practices that give us rights to access official information, often held by public bodies.

  • Freedom of Information Act (2000) & Scotland (2002)
  • Section 46 Code of Practice on Records Management
  • Environmental Information Regulations (2004)
  • INSPIRE Regulations (2009)
  • Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations (2015)

Our Trainers

Joyce Allen

For twenty years, few have done more to transform information rights into the modern profession that it has become than Joyce Allen. Her belief in affordable, continual professional development through industry qualifications challenged the established order of the time. Previously, the high cost of training and legal focus restricted widespread adoption, limiting opportunities to consultants, academics and practitioners of law. Today, thanks to her practical approach and relatable teaching methodology, data protection and freedom of information professional certifications are considered an essential learning path for all information rights practitioners, regardless of their background.

Joyce believes in providing the skills, knowledge and tools that people need to discharge their duties or responsibilities at the highest level. In this regard, the attainment of a BCS or IAPP professional certification is recognition of an individual's newly acquired abilities, not the objective. And while understanding the law is a fundamental aspect of being an effective practitioner, Joyce focuses on the importance of data rights, ethics and the principles of fairness.

Joyce has been a trainer and course director for the BCS since 2003 and, more recently, the IAPP. Over 2000 students have successfully completed their training with her. During this time, Joyce has faithfully provided learning services to multinational corporations and public sector clients. Her insight, advice and opinions have often been sought by supervisory authorities and government agencies involved in setting the agenda for advancing information rights.


  • BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection
  • BCS Practitioner Certificate in Freedom of Information
  • BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CiSMP)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Practitioner Europe (CIPP/E)
Joyce Allen

Julie Dennis

Julie joined Freevacy in 2018. Her practical and informal approach to data protection training helps delegates to analyse and interpret legislative requirements before applying day-to-day practices. Audience participation is highly encouraged; however, no one will be pressured to speak out (Julie looks after the introverts in the room).

Prior to moving into full-time education, Julie enjoyed a 15-year career in various data protection roles, including 7 years as the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a law enforcement agency. The position involved implementing and overseeing the data protection strategy to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. As a DPO, Julie was responsible for developing policies and procedures, maintaining records of processing operations, conducting audits, and providing advice on DPIAs. The role also included delivering role-based training to multiple departments throughout the country, along with acting as the first point of contact for data subjects and the Information Commissioner's Office.

This experience helps Julie understand the demands and issues delegates face when managing their privacy operations and means that she can offer genuine insight when dealing with challenges.


  • BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection
  • BCS Practitioner Certificate in Freedom of Information
  • BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CiSMP)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Practitioner Europe (CIPP/E)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT)
  • Target training qualification
Julie Dennis

Anthony Daly

Anthony is an information security trainer and consultant who possesses extensive experience working within HM Government and some of the most prominent UK organisations. This includes a 22 year Royal Navy career specialising in Telecommunications and Cyber Security. He has worked as part of the Ministry of Defence's Incident Response Team and carried out various roles in Information Assurance as an IT Security Officer to secure Critical National Infrastructure.


  • BSc (Hons) Intelligence & Security, Ethical Hacking, Network Security, Digital Forensics, Malware, Cyber Warfare, Staffordshire University
  • BSc in Social Sciences with Geography & Politics, The Open University
  • ISC(2) Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • ISACA Certified Information Security Manager
  • ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
  • ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
  • BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CiSMP)

Training and motivating people is Anthony's passion. He has sought opportunities throughout his career to help others learn by designing and delivering training programmes in risk management, security analysis, incident response, information security awareness, and data privacy. His deep and extensive operational experience makes him highly-sought-after by clients who require practical training on current techniques within security analysis, cyber and communications data fields.

Experience highlights

  • Anthony has provided consultancy on National Cyber Risk Assessments for sectors including Telecommunications to the African Commonwealth on behalf of the UK Home Office and UK FCDO in 2020 & 2021.
  • The UK Government features Anthony's Telecommunications Critical National Infrastructure course in an international marketing campaign as a flagship example of UK international capacity building.
  • Anthony is responsible for developing a Security Analyst course certified by UK NCSC and is also certified to deliver NCSC Certified Training for OSINT.
Anthony Daly

William Bello

William Bello is a practising data protection officer with the European Association of Data Protection Professionals (EADPP) and a professional trainer with over 35 years of experience. Since 2017, William has been an IAPP official trainer partner.


  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Practitioner Europe (CIPP/E)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT)
  • IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP)
  • itSMF ITIL V3 foundation certificate

William is goal orientated, has a strategic approach to decision making and proven leadership skills. As a trainer, Williams's areas of expertise include GDPR compliance, privacy programme management, information security, and IT Service Management. William is also experienced in developing and implementing employee privacy and security culture awareness learning and development programmes.

Technical skills

  • Privacy and Data Protection practitioner (legal, compliance, technical)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Business Analyst (capture business requirements and manage service delivery)
  • Enterprise Architecture (analyse, improve, define, design)
  • Project Quality Assurance
  • IT data center and networking design and implementation
  • Application design, quality Assurance and implementation
William Bello

Our clients

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection

The Foundation GDPR Certificate from the BCS is recommended for anyone involved in the collection, usage or protection of personal information.

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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

The GDPR Practitioner Certificate from the BCS is the leading industry qualification for UK focused DPOs and compliance professionals.

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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Freedom of Information

This BCS Practitioner Certificate is the recognised qualification for individuals with information access responsibilities under the FOIA or EIR.

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Information Security Management Principles

An internationally recognised foundation-level qualificiation from the BCs that demonstrates a core understanding of information security management.


IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe

The CIPP/E is the essential IAPP certification for privacy professionals covering Europe's framework of laws, regulations and policies, most significantly the GDPR.

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IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager

The CIPM is a unique qualification in privacy programme management from the IAPP that teaches DPOs and senior compliance professionals how to turn policies into accountability.

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IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist

The CIPT is an industry recognised qualification for IT professionals who require the technical skills and knowhow to implement comprehensive privacy compliant solutions.

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IAPP Certified CIPP/E & CIPM Combination course

These two combined practitioner level certified courses from the IAPP are recommended for DPOs and other compliance professionals with privacy operations' responsibilities.

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IAPP and BCS professional certifications can make the difference when applying for a new job or internal promotion. The knowledge gained can add tens of thousands of pounds to your lifetime earnings. With demand for qualified professionals at an all-time high, there's never been a better time to be an information rights practitioner.

Your employers benefit too by having qualified, competent personnel manage their information compliance processes.