BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

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Learn the general principles of ethical, trustworthy and sustainable artificial intelligence
and why organisations will be defined by how well they implement it.

About this course

Launched in 2019, the BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence builds on the knowledge taught in the BCS AI Essentials Certificate. Intended for a more technical audience, the BCS AI Foundation Certificate is aimed at systems engineers, developers and others tasked with implementing AI systems. As the adoption of AI increases across all sectors of the economy, so does the need for certified professionals who can address the ethical challenges that AI raises. It's not enough to simply create AI systems that can perform tasks efficiently, we must ensure that they are also developed in a way that is fair, safe, and beneficial to everyone involved.

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Course Contents

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence addresses the fundamental principles, concepts, and trends of AI, along with its practical implications in the real world. Participants will consider how to take a human-centric approach, prioritising ethical and sustainable AI as we move towards a more technologically advanced society. This includes the challenges and risks associated with AI projects, such as those related to privacy, transparency and potential biases in algorithms that could lead to unintended consequences.

The Foundation Certificate examines the rapidly growing field of machine learning, which involves using algorithms and statistical models to enable machines to learn from data and make predictions or decisions without explicit instructions. The programme compares the theory of developing and refining these algorithms and models to improve their accuracy and effectiveness with the practice of testing and validating models to ensure they are robust and reliable.

Ultimately, award holders will demonstrate an understanding of the future of machines and humans working together as one of collaboration and mutual benefit. They will recognise AI is not infallible and that by following a 'learning from experience' process, errors or unintended consequences are addressed quickly and appropriately.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in AI is delivered online for convenience and for the significant environmental and sustainability benefits it offers. Delegates can gain a recognised workplace AI qualification, whether working at their desk or from home, by attending four consecutive 4-hour live online sessions. The course follows the latest BCS Syllabus (v1.2) and prepares participants for the 60-minute multiple-choice BCS Foundation Exam, administered separately via Questionmark through online remote proctoring.

Learning Outcomes

Award holders of the BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence will be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding in the application of ethical and sustainable AI.

  • Human-centric ethical and sustainable AI
  • AI and robotics
  • Applying the benefits, challenges and risks of AI projects
  • Building a machine learning toolbox, theory and practice
  • The management, roles and responsibilities of humans and machines
  • The future of AI

Who should attend this course?

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is intended for a more technical audience:

  • Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs), Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and practitioners (with a technical background)
  • Privacy Engineers, technicians
  • Data Scientists, analysts, architects
  • Systems administrators, developers, engineers
  • Information security, IT security and IT managers,
  • Software Engineers, Designers
  • Programmers
  • Test Managers & QA Engineers
  • Information Security Managers, Professionals
  • IT & Infosec Auditors
  • Ethical Hackers & Forensics Investigators
  • Website developers & UX/UI designers
  • Game Developers

Should privacy and data protection practitioners attend this course?

The technical nature of the BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence may be suitable for privacy and data protection practitioners who come from an IT/IT Security background. 

Practitioners with a legal or operational background are advised to consider the BCS Essentials Certificate.

Course Itinerary

Module 1: Ethical and Sustainable Human and Artificial Intelligence

  • The general definition of Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The concept of intelligent agents
  • Modern approaches to Human logical levels of thinking (Robert Dilt's Model)
  • Ethics and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
  • Three fundamental areas of sustainability and the United Nation's seventeen sustainability goals
  • How AI is part of Universal Design and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • How machine learning has contributed to the growth of artificial intelligence
  • How learning from experience relates to Machine Learning (Tom Mitchell's explicit definition).

Module 2: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  •  The AI intelligent agent description
  •  Understanding robots, robotic paradigms and intelligent robots

Module 3: Applying the benefits of AI - challenges and risks

  • The role of sustainability in human-centric ethical AI 
  • How our values will drive our use of AI, changing humans, society, and organisations
  • Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
  • Understanding the challenges and risks of Artificial Intelligence
  • Potential opportunities for Artificial Intelligence
  • How AI projects are funded, related to NASA Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)
  • How to build a Machine Learning Toolbox in theory and practice
  • How we learn from data 
  • Common open-source machine learning functionality, software, and hardware
  • Machine Learning theory
  • Typical tasks in the preparation of data
  • Types of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Methods of visualising data
  • How narrow AI capabilities are useful in Machine Learning and AI agents' functionality

Module 4: The Management, Roles and Responsibilities of humans and machines 

  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will drive humans and machines to work together
  • Future applications for Artificial Intelligence
  • Learning from experience Agile approach to projects
  • Agile projects' teams

BCS AI Foundation Syllabus

Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI-F)

Syllabus version 1.2
August 2023

Download the new syllabus (PDF)

BCS AI Foundation Examination

Duration and Format of the Examination

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence exam format is a 1-hour multiple-choice examination. The exam is closed book, i.e. no materials can be taken into the examination room.

Exam Format

40 Multiple choice questions
60 Minutes
Open Book
Pass Mark
No calculators nor mobile technology is permitted
Additional time for candidates requiring Reasonable Adjustments

Adjustments and/or additional time can be requested in line with the BCS reasonable adjustments policy for candidates with a disability or other special considerations, including English as a second language.

Course Cost

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BCS Accredited AI training package includes:

  • 4 x 4-hour live online sessions on consecutive days
  • Entrance to the 60-minute, multiple-choice online BCS Examination
  • 1-2-1 coaching and support
  • 1st year BCS Associate membership

Courseware: a complete Essential level AI manual

  • Detailed manual comes in an A4 bound folder + an editable electronic version
  • Includes free lifetime updates (electronic version), which means it will never go out of date
  • Electronic copy of the full course PowerPoint
  • Exercises & revision materials
  • Sample exam questions

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Course Dates

Code Course Start Duration Location Booking
AI-F BCS Foundation Certificate in AI 22 Apr 24 4 x 4hr sessions Online Book now
21 Oct 24 4 x 4hr sessions Online Book now

BCS Foundation Certificate in AI (AI-F)

Starts: 22 Apr 24

Duration: 4 x 4hr sessions

Location: Online

Book now

BCS Foundation Certificate in AI (AI-F)

Starts: 21 Oct 24

Duration: 4 x 4hr sessions

Location: Online

Book now

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