In-company Privacy and Information Rights short courses and role-based training

In certain situations, employees benefit from privacy and data protection training delivered in-company. Whether it's an interactive workshop for specialist teams or an instructional, high-level brief for executives, people who perform particular tasks or have assigned responsibilities require targeted role-based training.


Alongside our professional certifications, we can also help develop a culture of privacy within your organisation. We can design and deliver custom in-company training courses covering UK & EU GDPR, DPA18 and PECR (ePrivacy) mapped to any role or industry sector. We also offer custom FOIA and EIR training services for our public sector clients.

Our expertise in delivering custom privacy and data protection training and development programmes can save valuable time and budget while ensuring an appropriate education level is achieved across the organisation.

How to embed a privacy culture

The size and type of an organisation, as well as its daily activity and staffing structure, can often impact learning requirements. For this reason, we recognise certain situations benefit from data protection training online that is tailored to meet specific information handling practices or sensitive environments.

Our custom GDPR training and FOI training offer the option to adapt selected topics according to your industry, department, and attendee level. As a valued customer, you will also receive a full training needs analysis, course design and development service. Whether you have a team of 12 or a department of several hundred, the benefit of this customised approach means we can deliver your compliance training more efficiently and according to budget.

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