AI Governance Training

As the complexity of the legal frameworks covering the lawful use of personal data evolves, it's important for data protection practitioners and other governance, risk and compliance specialists to maintain their expert level of knowledge. Freevacy offers a range of certified data protection training courses across several jurisdictions to support your ongoing professional development and the implementation of compliant privacy programmes.

Privacy is an enabler of customer trust

The importance of privacy in building customer trust has been highlighted in Cisco's 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark Study. The report included responses from 2,600 security and privacy professionals across 12 countries. Five key findings highlighted in the report:

  • 94% of organisations indicated that their customers won't make purchasing decisions unless their data is properly protected
  • 97% reported their organisation has a responsibility to use data ethically
  • 95% of organisations believe that privacy benefits far exceed its costs, with an average of 1.6 times return on investment
  • 80% of organisations reported significant loyalty and trust benefits from their privacy investments
  • 98% of organisations cite privacy certifications as being important when choosing a supplier

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The PICCASO Privacy Awards recognise the people making an outstanding contribution to this dynamic and fast-growing sector.