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At Freevacy, we offer a complementary range of certificated FOI and GDPR training courses from two globally recognised independent examination bodies. We also deliver custom information rights learning and development programmes to establish a privacy-compliant culture throughout the workforce.

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Whether you are looking for online GDPR training or a Data Protection Officer course, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT are the global industry standard for professionals working in privacy.

Both the IAPP and BCS take considerable pride in developing, highly respected, independent GDPR and FOI certifications that offer all the reassurance employers need in their compliance professionals.

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Choosing the right GDPR training course and provider is an important consideration. A professional certification from the IAPP or BCS delivered by Freevacy indicates a deeper, more in-depth understanding, elevating the leadership profile of award holders among colleagues and peers.

The enhanced protection from having IAPP and BCS qualified employees will lead to fewer security incidents and the loss of personal information. It will also help to demonstrate accountability, from which the benefits will deliver a measurable increase in stakeholder trust.

Freevacy is an approved GDPR training partner for the IAPP and BCS.

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Our philosophy for teaching information rights and data protection compliance

When delivering online GDPR training we prefer to examine the practical implications surrounding compliance as well as the benefits of operating a customer-centric business strategy. In teaching this way, we ensure attendees learn about the advantages of ethical data use and not just the laws surrounding privacy and data protection. This applies when teaching IAPP and BCS professional certifications or cultural awareness.

It's all about the learner

The people who attend our data protection courses matter to us. Our aim is not solely to deliver training and get people through an exam, but rather to ensure our candidates possess the knowledge and confidence to use their new skills in the future, beginning with passing their exam (where relevant). The distinction is subtle but noteworthy.

"I had real doubts at first. But having completed the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection and the GDPR Update, I'm impressed. The staff are friendly, and nothing is too much trouble. Before the exam, I drove them crazy with questions. They never complained and always made themselves available. I highly recommend Freevacy."

We actively encourage participants to stay in touch with one another when attending one of our data protection courses. We see this as a natural part of the learning process, and it helps prepare for an exam. It's also an essential part of developing professional networks, which builds confidence, and can be useful throughout an entire career.

Environmental and sustainability benefits of online learning

One of the lasting impacts COVID-19 has had on education is that it accelerated the adoption of digital transformation. Not only is live, online training more accessible to people, it's also more convenient, meaning the days of travelling to different parts of the country to attend classroom training are no longer necessary.

Alongside this flexibility, the environmental benefits of online learning include a significant reduction in pollution and energy consumption. A research study conducted by the Open University found an 85% reduction in CO2 emissions and 87% reduction in energy consumption for online learning compared to in-person classroom-based training.

While we miss seeing you in person, we can't justify the environmental impact of in-person classroom training for public IAPP and BCS training courses. However, we can discuss delivering training onsite if the circumstances are right.

Ongoing support through the examination and beyond

Once the training aspect of a certified course is complete, our trainers will make themselves available to students throughout the self-study period leading up to the exam. We achieve this through email exchanges, one-to-one coaching sessions and, depending on the level of the exam, group study days. We hold an exam preparation day for our BCS students studying practitioner level exams, while those preparing to sit an IAPP exam can participate in interactive Q&A and study sessions. These are typically scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after the accredited course has ended. Delegates are free to attend more than one event if they choose to study for longer than the recommended time. Once the exam is over, we offer ongoing free advice and support to delegates dealing with issues back in a workplace setting.

"A very good time on the course, covered a lot of content in a short space of time but plenty of material to utilise. Trainer very friendly, offering lots of time and expertise to make use of."

Our teaching ethos and the fact we deliver data protection officer courses and qualifications from the IAPP and BCS means we present attendees with a certified data protection online training package not available from any other training provider. With both the IAPP and BCS, you can be confident that your qualification will be recognised in the UK and internationally. The information is always completely accurate and up-to-date.

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection

The Foundation GDPR Certificate from the BCS is recommended for anyone involved in the collection, usage or protection of personal information.

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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

The GDPR Practitioner Certificate from the BCS is the leading industry qualification for UK focused DPOs and compliance professionals.

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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Freedom of Information

This BCS Practitioner Certificate is the recognised qualification for individuals with information access responsibilities under the FOIA or EIR.

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Information Security Management Principles

An internationally recognised foundation-level qualificiation from the BCs that demonstrates a core understanding of information security management.


IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe

The CIPP/E is the essential IAPP certification for privacy professionals covering Europe's framework of laws, regulations and policies, most significantly the GDPR.

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IAPP Certified Information Privacy Manager

The CIPM is a unique qualification in privacy programme management from the IAPP that teaches DPOs and senior compliance professionals how to turn policies into accountability.

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IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist

The CIPT is an industry recognised qualification for IT professionals who require the technical skills and knowhow to implement comprehensive privacy compliant solutions.

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IAPP Certified CIPP/E & CIPM Combination course

These two combined practitioner level certified courses from the IAPP are recommended for DPOs and other compliance professionals with privacy operations' responsibilities.


Alongside certified training, Freevacy delivers bespoke information rights courses covering (EU & UK) GDPR, DPA18, PECR (ePrivacy), FOIA, and EIRs. Our reputation for providing value means we attract customers looking to achieve more than ensuring regulatory compliance boxes are checked. As such, we often support clients in implementing a top-down privacy culture.

Our expertise in delivering custom privacy and data protection training and development programmes can save valuable time and budget while ensuring an appropriate education level is achieved across the organisation.

How to embed a privacy culture

The size and type of an organisation, as well as its daily activity and staffing structure, can often impact learning requirements. For this reason, we recognise certain situations benefit from data protection training online that is tailored to meet specific information handling practices or sensitive environments.

Our privacy culture awareness training or information access FOI training offer the option to adapt selected topics according to your industry, department, and attendee level. As a valued customer, you will also receive a full training needs analysis, course design and development service. Whether you have a team of 12 or a department of several hundred, the benefit of this customised approach means we can deliver your compliance training more efficiently and according to budget.

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