India's government exemption in DPDPB raises concerns

11/07/2023 | The Hindu

The latest version of India's Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDPB) gives too much margin to the government and does little to protect individuals’ fundamental right to data privacy. According to retired Justice Srikrishna, who proposed the first draft of the DPDPB in 2018, the Bill is fundamentally flawed as it would permit, and may encourage, the executive to act capriciously and infringe on the fundamental right of privacy of personal data. He believes that a robust and independent regulator like the Data Protection Authority envisaged in the 2018 draft is needed and that the Board contemplated under the present Bill will be a captive of the government.

Meanwhile, the Economic Times of India reports the Indian government may lower the age limit for which users can give consent to under 14. 

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