UK to overhaul GDPR, introduce Data Transfers Expert Council

26/08/2021 | The Guardian

The data protection landscape is evolving in the UK following Brexit and the country's adequacy agreement with the European Union. In a "have a cake and eat it" style interview with the Telegraph (£), Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden outlined his department's plans to reform the UK data protection laws following Brexit and ahead of announcing the new Information Commissioner. The proposal to diverge key areas from the GDPR include "doing away" with cookie banners and popup notices. The fact this particular legal requirement relates to PECR and not GDPR seems to have gone unnoticed. 

Then, on Thursday, the Government also announced the launch of the International Data Transfers Expert Council to support the UK in championing the international flow of data.  Read the government's press release for further information. The UK plans to strike independent data adequacy decisions with its global partners, to deliver alternative data transfer mechanisms and remove barriers for international data flows. The IAPP has the details on the adequacy decisions and the top candidate to lead the ICO, John Edwards.   

In a statement on the announcement of the new Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham said, "Implementing any changes Parliament decides on will fall to my successor." One can only wonder what this means. 

IAPP members can track the developments as the new regime takes shape via a UK topic page in their Resource Center. The page carries original IAPP content and resources along with ICO guidance, Brexit-related information and other UK news updates. 

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