Elon Musk sues OpenAI for putting profit before humanity

12/03/2024 | The Guardian

On Thursday, 29  February, Elon Musk filed a lawsuit in San Francisco against OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, accusing them of prioritising profits over their mission of benefiting humanity. Elon Musk, a founding board member of the AI company behind ChatGPT, claims that Altman violated OpenAI's founding agreement by signing an investment deal with Microsoft. The lawsuit states that OpenAI is now developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) for profit rather than for the benefit of humankind and is a closed-source subsidiary of Microsoft.

A day later, in a blog post responding to Elon Musk's lawsuit, OpenAI published a series of emails suggesting Musk was aware of the need for OpenAI to become a for-profit entity. He even proposed merging OpenAI into Tesla, with himself as the CEO. The leadership at OpenAI expressed disappointment over the situation with Musk, whom they have long admired. 

In an update on Monday, 12 March, The Guardian reports that OpenAI responded to Elon Musk's lawsuit against the company, characterising the claims as "frivolous" and designed to benefit Musk's commercial interests. Musk is suing OpenAI, alleging that the company had abandoned its pledge to help humanity. OpenAI denies Musk's claims and rejects many of the core assertions in the suit' stating that no "Founding Agreement" ever existed and that Musk's claims are based on convoluted and often incoherent factual premises.

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