Dowden warns AI developing too fast, asks developers to reveal secrets

29/09/2023 | The Guardian

UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing too quickly for regulators to keep up. Dowden is urging other countries to take the threat seriously and to create an international regulatory system to address the issue. He is concerned that current global regulation is not keeping up with technological advances and that there is a risk that AI could be used for harm. The UK is keen to promote the need for international regulation on this matter. Dowden is set to make this announcement at the UN General Assembly ahead of the UK's AI safety summit in November. 

Meanwhile, the Financial Times (£) reports that the UK government is in discussions with technology companies such as Google DeepMind, Anthropic, and OpenAI in order to gain access to the internal workings of their AI models. Access would enable officials to understand the technology better and anticipate potential risks. However, companies are hesitant to share proprietary information about their products or make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

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