Data rights and people experiencing homelessness

14/12/2021 | The Connection at St Martins-in-the-Fields

A new research paper looks into the issues faced by organisations that support people experiencing homelessness when dealing with sensitive personal information. Within this area, transparency is not only an issue for legal compliance but also a valuable tool for building trust with service users (referred to as clients).  The researchers hypothesised that privacy information should be personalised, relevant and accessible, but when communicated clearly, it could help address misunderstandings and improve relationships. "We aimed to develop tools for delivering privacy information that would convey the information that clients are most likely to be interested in, concerned about or have the most misconceptions about." The research was based on an initial assumption not all aspects of data protection are important or of interest to clients. This led to more in-depth research into significant areas of mistrust, confusion, concern or interest. Based on the findings, the authors produced a series of key messages with visual aids focussing on the areas that were likely to be the most useful and interesting to clients. 

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Homeless people

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