Cybersecurity Experts write open letter to EU over Cyber Resilience Act flaws

16/10/2023 | SC Media

A group of cybersecurity experts have sent an open letter to EU officials, urging them to reconsider the vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs) requirements for organizations in the proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). While the inclusion of VDPs is a fundamental component of European cyber-resilience, the CRA has flaws due to potential risks such as exposure to malicious actors, chilling effect on good faith researchers, and misuse of vulnerability information. The Act requires software manufacturers to notify ENISA of vulnerabilities being actively exploited within 24 hours, which could lead to widespread knowledge about unmitigated vulnerabilities and create a tempting target for malicious actors. 

In a related post, The Register reports on concerns within the open-source software community, who fear the CRA will strangle software development.

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