Europe and the rest of the world face pivotal moment in AI

06/02/2023 | Reuters

European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton has said that the proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act would address concerns around the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) systems like ChatGPT. Speaking to Reuters, Breton said: "AI solutions can offer great opportunities for businesses and citizens, but can also pose risks... This is why we need a solid regulatory framework to ensure trustworthy AI based on high-quality data." Earlier in the day, the Italian data protection (DPA) authority banned the US-based AI chatbot company Replika from processing the personal data of Italian users. It said the application "presents concrete risks for minors... does not respect the principle of transparency" and "carries out an unlawful processing of personal data." The DPA gave Replika 20 days to follow its order or face a fine of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover.

In related news, in the wake of technological advancements like OpenAI's ChatGPT, a blog article by Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith, claims: "It's now likely that 2023 will mark a critical inflexion point for artificial intelligence. The opportunities for people are huge. And the responsibilities for those of us who develop this technology are bigger still. We need to use this watershed year not just to launch new AI advances, but to responsibly and effectively address both the promises and perils that lie ahead." 

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports Google is preparing to launch its own AI chatbot as it responds to the success of ChatGPT. In addition to being made available to the public, Google's new AI system, known as Bard, will also be added to Google search for complex queries. However, the unveiling led to an expensive and embarrassing error as a video demo contained a wrong reply, wiping 9% off Alphabet stock value during regular trading.

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