Podcast: Privacy Insights with PICCASO

11/12/2023 | PICCASO

Special interest group PICCASO has introduced a new podcast providing privacy and security insights. A limited podcast series exploring the latest challenges in the world of privacy and information security with members of the PICCASO Board. Each episode will include an accompanying article published by the guest speakers. 

  • Episode one in the series features Microsoft Senior Security Specialist Anne Woodley discusses her article on AI as a Security Ally and the opportunities that this emerging technology creates for the global security landscape.
  • Episode two in the series addresses Retention & Deletion - The Data Lifecycle with Paul Jordan, the Chair of PICCASO. Paul discusses organisations' critical challenges in maintaining strict data policies aligned with GDPR and other data privacy laws. The ever-growing collection of personal and non-personal data in the digital age calls for careful planning and documentation of the data lifecycle.  The podcast includes the supplementary article: Retention & Deletion - The Data Lifecycle.
  • Episode three in the series involves a conversation with Dr Philipp Raether, Group Chief Privacy Officer at Allianz, about the significance of Privacy by Design and Default (PbD) and how to protect personal data within a multinational corporation. The podcast looks at the intricacies of embedding privacy by design, including detailed steps to achieve the desired outcomes. The podcast includes the supplementary article: Privacy by Design and Default - Safeguarding Personal Data in a Global Company.
  • Episode four in the series examines one of the most significant technological advancements of our time: Generative AI. The speakers, Graham Hunt, Director of Insights and Data at Capgemini (UK) and Natasja Pieterman, Data Privacy Lead at Capgemini (NL), address the practical applications of Generative AI in strengthening privacy protection, the influence of Generative AI on the data protection industry, necessary frameworks and structures that must be established to safeguard the various applications of Generative AI along with other ethical considerations that businesses and developers ought to contemplate. The podcast includes the supplementary article: Generative AI & Data Privacy.
  • Episode five in the series considers third-party supplier risk from a data privacy perspective. Speaker Kirsten Mycroft will discuss how companies can outsource data processing activities whilst they cannot outsource accountability for data protection. The podcast provides valuable insight on this critical topic and practical tips for effectively managing data privacy risks in third-party outsourcing arrangements. Read the accompanying article: Managing Third Party Supplier Riska Data Privacy Perspective.
  • Episode six in the series deals with Data Ethics: A Question of Trust? Presented by Cameron Craig, the podcast addresses how companies cause potential negative impacts of data collection, use and sharing on individuals and society. It is vital businesses address these challenges by developing clear ethical principles, adopting common assessment frameworks, establishing governance structures, integrating ethical principles into existing frameworks, and providing effective training and communication within the organisation.
  • Episode seven in the series looks at measuring the effectiveness of privacy regulation. Presented by Steve Wright, the podcast emphasises the need for assistance from external experts, including regulatory authorities, researchers, industry representatives, and civil society organisations. Evaluating privacy regulations requires careful consideration and collaboration due to the multifaceted nature of the task. It's crucial to select accurate data sources and acknowledge that the effectiveness of privacy regulations can change with evolving technology and societal norms. Read the accompanying article: Measuring the Effectiveness of Privacy Regulation.
  • Episode eight in the series, hosted by Vivienne Artz OBE, examines the growth of digital money and cryptocurrencies in the blockchain space and the rising need for privacy to become part of the conversation. The increasing reliance and prevalence of this new form of money and banking in the world raises the question of how privacy can be integrated into blockchain design. Read the accompanying article: Blockchain and Privacy- Are They Contradictory?
  • Episode nine in the series, hosted by Nick Graham,  Partner at Dentons Law, considers how to effectively navigate the complexities of data privacy risk amidst the evolving legal landscape with a surge in global data privacy laws. The impact of technology, including generative AI, is highlighted in the context of compliance challenges. Nick discusses existing frameworks and introduces the PICCASO Privacy Risk Assessment Methodology, offering practical insights, metrics, and tools for effective privacy risk management. Read the accompanying article: Data Privacy Risk - How To Navigate The Complexities.
  • Episode ten in the series, hosted by Julia Bonder-Le Berre, Head of Global Privacy at Iron Mountain, explores the integral role of privacy in the evolving ESG landscape, emphasising its connection to environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices. The discussion underscores the potential for organisations to boost their ESG ratings by prioritising privacy principles and advocates for the establishment of global privacy ESG standards as a market differentiator for responsible data governance. Read the accompanying article: The Role of Privacy in ESG
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