Building global data governance with Data Free Flow with Trust

04/08/2023 | ITIF

The G7 needs to take action on the Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT) initiative in order to build a global digital economy that is open, innovative, and respects rights. Without clear guidance, other countries like China will fill the void and make it even harder to achieve this goal. While Japan launched the DFFT, other leading digital countries still need to demonstrate how it can work in practice. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation's Associate Director of Trade Policy, Nigel Cory, said that the key is to develop pragmatic and flexible ways to address concerns about global data governance. Small-group initiatives like the DFFT provide a foundation for developing ideas that can be adapted and adopted by more countries and forums. These efforts will be essential in engaging the 100-plus developing countries that have yet to decide on their general approach to global data governance.

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