ICO issues warning for developers and users of generative AI

03/04/2023 | ICO

In a blog article, Stephen Almond, Director of Technology and Innovation at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has issued a reminder to organisations developing or considering using generative AI. While the technology is still new, the principles of data protection laws still apply, regardless of whether any personal information being processed comes from publicly accessible sources.

The article includes guidance offering eight questions to ask:

  • What is your lawful basis for processing personal data?
  • Are you a controller, joint controller or a processor?
  • Have you prepared a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?
  • How will you ensure transparency?
  • How will you mitigate security risks?
  • How will you limit unnecessary processing?
  • How will you comply with individual rights requests?
  • Will you use generative AI to make solely automated decisions?

Concluding the post, Almond said, "There really can be no excuse for getting the privacy implications of generative AI wrong. We'll be working hard to make sure that organisations get it right."

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