ICO issues two reprimands for inappropriate email use

02/08/2023 | ICO

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has issued two reprimands to Northern Irish organisations for breaching email data privacy. The Patient and Client Council (PCC) and the Executive Office reportedly disclosed recipient details through inappropriate group email options rather than using more secure alternatives like mail merge. The PCC used the carbon copy option to email 15 people across Northern Ireland who had lived experience of gender dysphoria, inadvertently allowing recipients to infer that others also had the same experience. The Executive Office's Interim Advocate's Office also sent an e-newsletter to 251 subscribers using the 'to' field, which may have disclosed the email addresses of potential victims and survivors of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry. The ICO warns of the risks associated with inappropriate email options and advocates for the use of more secure methods to protect personal information.

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