UK AI (Regulation) Bill returns to Parliament for second reading

25/03/2024 | IAPP

The Artificial Intelligence (Regulation) Bill, the private members bill introduced in the UK House of Lords in November last year, has returned to Parliament for its second reading on 22 March. On its return, the Bill was debated for more than two hours by peers in the upper chamber. 

Lord Holmes of Richmond, who introduced the Bill and who is a member of the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology, said: "History tells us, right-size regulation is pro-citizen, pro-consumer and pro-innovation; it drives innovation and inward investment." Holmes went on to cite an Ada Lovelace Institute report on government approaches to AI regulation. "It really is the case that the Government really have given themselves all the eyes and not the hands to act," he said. "What is required is for these technologies to be human led, in our human hands, and human in the loop throughout." 

In a related post, Lord Holmes spoke with the IAPP Privacy Advisor Podcast about his AI Bill and what he sees as the right approach to regulating the technology.

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