PrivacyCalendar: 2023 upcoming online and in-person events

16/10/2023 | Freevacy & Partners

PrivacyCalendar (beta) is a new feature we are incorporating into the Privacy Newsfeed for 2023. On this page, you will find details of upcoming online and in-person events such as webinars, round table events, panel discussions, exhibitions, and trade shows from leading industry bodies and organisations, including:

  • Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) 
  • BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT
  • Information and Records Management Society (IRMS)
  • GRC World Forums
  • National Association of Data Protection Officers (NADPO)
  • Confederation of European Data Protection Organisations (CEDPO)
  • Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)
  • PICCASO Privacy Labs
  • European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

We will continue to update this page throughout the year. 

Note: Many webinar events are available to rewatch after the live broadcast.


  • 211123, In-person event: NADPO conference 2023 - this year's conference is being held at Mishcon de Reya's London offices with speakers: Stewart Room, Rosemary Jay, Silkie Carlo, and Ben Collier.
  • 211123, Online & in-person event: PICCASO Privacy Labs - How to navigate the complex data privacy risk landscape. The London event showcases a new white paper outlining a practical approach to implementing a Privacy Risk Assessment to quickly gain an overview of the privacy risk position within any organisation. The event is being co-hosted by Capgemini, PICCASO, and Dentons.
  • 141123, Webinar: Changes to UK data protection law. Join the BCS in a discussion on the UK's regulation of the digital sphere and its impact on data protection and consumer protection. Speaking at the session is legal analyst and IT law expert Chiara Rustici. 


  • 261023, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session to introduce IAPP AI Governance Center Managing Director Ashley Casovan. IAPP Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer Caitlin Fennessy welcomes Casovan into her new role. Casovan is expected to share her thoughts on the strategic direction of the AIGC and developing artificial intelligence-related content.
  • 241023, Webinar: NADPO Oct Webinar - June Brawner from the Royal Society will speak about privacy enhancing technologies: From Privacy to Partnership, followed by Prof Ariane Ollier Malaterre, University of Quebec, who discusses Living with digital surveillance in China: Citizens’ narratives on technology, privacy and governance.’
  • 231023, Hybrid event (online and in-person):  CSAM Proposal: The Point of No Return? - The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) will host a seminar in the European Parliament in Brussels and online to discuss the privacy concerns relating to the European Commission's proposal for a new EU legislation on child sexual abuse material (CSAM).
  • 181023, In-person event: #Risk London - The second annual two-day conference covering Data Protection, ESG, Cyber Security, Financial Risk and GRC will take place between 18-19 October. More details to follow. Visitors can register interest in attending the London event and two international #Risk events in Amsterdam and Dubai.  
  • 181023, In-person event: PICCASO Privacy Labs - The Role of Privacy in ESG Explained. Promoting responsible business practices that prioritise Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments while ensuring the protection of personal data and privacy rights is a key consideration for today's privacy professionals.
  • 121023, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session about navigating the UK-US Data Bridge. IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones is joined by UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) Deputy Director for International Data Flows Morgane Donse and US International Trade Administration Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services Industry and Analysis Neema Singh Guliani for a discussion on the pacts implications for organisations and the broader global data transfer landscape. 
  • 041023, Online Event: The Future of Speech Online 2023: Generative AI - Join the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) for their seventh annual online event on October 4-5 and explore how to build a rights-respecting future where people benefit from generative AI. Hear from legal experts, technologists, and policymakers about what the explosion of generative AI models means for online speech. Register here. 
  • 031023, Online Event:            ICO Data Protection Practitioner’s Conference 2023 - The ICO DPPC returns for another virtual conference. Details to follow; The event will include inspirational keynote speakers,  expert panels, along with multiple workshops. The event is free to attend.   Register here.          


  • 260923, Webinar: NADPO Sept Webinar - Robin Hopkins of 11KBW provides insights from recent High Court judgments, followed by Ashley Winton of Mishcon de Reya LLP, who looks at look at the wider laws that will apply to AI.


  • 310823, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - join the IAPP for a discussion on digital regulation and AI governance. Joe Jones, Research and Insights Director at the IAPP, hosts a conversation between Stephen Almond, Director of Technology and Innovation at the Information Commissioner's Office and Kate Jones, Chief Executive at the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum.
  • 090823, Hybrid event: What is all the hype with AI, and why now? - This BCS event will explore the profound impact that AI is having on all our lives and how this is becoming the next wave of computing. From dispelling myths to understanding the art of the possible, the event aims to remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt when harnessing responsible AI and sharing lessons learned in red teaming adversarial AI.
  • 030823, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones will host a LinkedIn Live on 3 August with University of Surrey associate law professor Mikolaj Barczentwicz and Schjødt Law Firm Partner and Owner Eva Jarbekk to discuss how recent regulatory and legal developments are shaping the dialogue on the legal basis for behavioural advertising under the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


  • 260723, Webinar: An introduction to Responsible AI - This BCS event will review the history, current context (industrial revolutions, big data, AI algorithms) and challenges that motivate the need to define Responsible AI and its adoption by humanity.
  • 140723, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - join the IAPP's Caitlin Fennessy and US Department of Commerce's Alex Greenstein for a discussion on how the EU-US Data Privacy Framework will work in practice. On 10 July, the European Commission deemed the EU-US Data Privacy Framework adequate, providing enhanced protections to EU individuals and much-needed assurance for businesses that personal data can again flow across the Atlantic in compliance with the GDPR. 



  • 310523, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - join the IAPP for a wide-ranging discussion on the EU's proposed Artificial Intelligence Act. The session will include expectations for upcoming negotiations, relevant privacy issues and how industry professionals can prepare ahead of finalisation. IAPP's European managing Director, Isabelle Roccia, will moderate this session between Dr Laura Caroli, Rocco Panetta and Matteo Quattrocchi.     
  • 250523: Online Event:        PrivSec Focus: GDPR Five Years On - The online conference will celebrate and critique the EU’s best-known regulation, bringing industry leaders and subject matter experts together to explore what we’ve learned about data protection since May 2018. The event is free to attend.    Register here.   
  • 230523, Webinar:    NADPO May Webinar - Prof Mark Elliott, UKAN, discusses: Anonymisation: What is it? And how do I do it?, followed by Karen Levy, Cornell University, speaking about Robotruckers: The double threat of AO for low-waged work. 
  • 230523: Online Event: ICO Small business marketing workshop - Experts from the ICO will share invaluable tips and advice to help SMEs handle people’s information confidently and unlock the value of personal information data. Topics to include electronic marketing, privacy notices and subject access requests *Free to attend; register your interest by 19 May.   
  • 230523: Online Event: CEDPO - GDPR & Cross-Border Inquiries: An Interview with the Irish DPC - Join Tony Delaney: Deputy Commissioner, Head of Regulatory Activity at the Irish Data Protection Commission, in an in-depth discussion on the challenges regulators face in conducting large-scale cross-border investigations under the GDPR. *Free to attend; register your interest.   
  • 140523, In-person event: IRMS Conference  - The annual IRMS Conference being held between 14-16 May at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester is the go-to event in the information management calendar, bringing together 400 practitioners, compliance managers, senior executives and others from a range of organisations across all industry sectors in the UK and beyond. This year's theme Embracing a New Information Generation, is all about new people, new skills, new ways of working and new technologies that will all play a key role in the world of information management in the coming years. 
  • 040523, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - join the IAPP for a discussion on emerging privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs). PETs are increasingly discussed and suggested as state-of-the-art tools for protecting privacy. At the same time, we see a relatively low uptake in the public and private sectors. In this panel, the IAPP will discuss the various types of PETs, including the benefits they provide and their limitations.   
  • 030523: Online Event: RAID (Regulation of AI, Internet & Data) - Join global policymakers, regulatory heads and industry leaders to discuss how to discuss a range of tech-related topics, such as navigating trust and risk along with bridging privacy, security and borders. *free to attend; register here.


  • 250423, Webinar:    NADPO April Webinar - Joanna Redden, Data Justice Lab: Automating Public Services: Learning from Cancelled Systems, followed by Prof Lilian Edwards, Newcastle University, speaking about Generative AI and Data Protection: Do I have a Right to be Forgotten by ChatGPT? 
  • 140423, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - join the IAPP for a discussion examining the potential consequences of a binding EDPB decision on Meta data transfers, which they suggest could create a whole new layer of complexity to international data transfers.    


  • 280323, Webinar:    NADPO March Webinar - TBC 
  • 280323: Online Event:  ICO Webinar - Making data protection and marketing work for your small business - The ICO, in partnership with the Small Business Research and Enterprise Centre (SBREC), will share best practice advice on handling people’s information confidently and discuss how to unlock the value of personal data. 
  • 210323, Webinar: CEDPO - Where the Machines Meet the Data: The AI Act and its Implications for the GDPR - This CEDPO event will focus on the current impact of AI technology on EU policy development and what challenges data protection officers can expect for the future.*Free to attend; register here.
  • 14, 16 & 200323: Online Event: ICO Data Transfers listening workshop - Join the ICO to offer feedback on the international data transfers assessment (IDTA), Addendum and the transfer risk assessment tool (TRA). *Free to attend; register your interest by 7 March. 
  • 140323, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - Join the IAPP for a discussion on the Chinese standard contractual clauses (SCCs). The release of China's SCCs raises many questions regarding company obligations when transferring data to and from China. The session discusses what implementing the new SCCs means in practice and where industry professionals' focuses should lie ahead of the 1 June effective date.
  • 100323, Webinar:       IAPP LinkedIn Live session - Join the IAPP in a discussion on the growth of privacy careers in the public and private sectors.   
  • 060323, In-person event: IAPP Data Protection Intensive - DPIUK 2023 is a two-day event for IAPP members on 6-7 March at ETC.Venues 133 Houndsditch in London. This year's DPIUK programme features keynote speakers, breakout sessions and workshops diving into data protection laws, regulations, technology, and operational practices. *IAPP membership required.


  • 280223,  In-person event: PrivSec London 2023 - A two-day event taking place between 28 February and 1 March at the Park Plaza, Riverbank in London. PrivSec London will feature thought leaders, industry experts and senior professionals from world-renowned companies sharing their knowledge, case studies and experience - and providing insightful, actionable content to an audience of end-user professionals. *Tickets are free for delegates: Registration required. 
  • 280223, Webinar: NADPO February Webinar - Join Prof Ross Anderson in discussing "Will the online harms bill protect children. Is there a case for breaking encryption" followed by Justin Sherman from Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy discussing "Your Data's for Sale: The Data Brokerage Ecosystem and Risks to Privacy and Security". NADPO membership required.
  • 230223, Online Event: ICO Privacy Seriously 2023 - A half-day event hosted by the ICO to hear from design and product leaders about how they embed privacy at the heart of responsible innovation. Learn from the experts and organisations at the cutting edge of technology and regulation, and get a glimpse of where things might be headed. *Free to attend; register your interest by 20 February.
  • 150223, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - Leveraging privacy governance for the responsible use of AI. IAPP host Katharina Koerner is joined by Standard Chartered Bank's Vijay Jairaj and IBM's Christina Montgomery to discuss the hot topic of the day. 
  • 080223, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - previews an expectedly busy year ahead for the privacy industry across Europe. European legislators and supervisory authorities each have their own priorities, which could have significant implications for EU organisations and their compliance efforts. Join the IAPP to discuss what's in store for EU data protection and how companies can respond to the potential challenges ahead.
  • 020223, Webinar: IAPP LinkedIn Live session - Examining the UKs evolving data protection regime. IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones, formerly the deputy director for international data transfers at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, sits down with IAPP Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer Caitlin Fennessy (CIPP) for a breakdown of UK General Data Protection Regulation reform, international data flows and recent activity by the Information Commissioner's Office. 


  • 250123, Webinar: IAPP Data Privacy Day and 2023 Predictions - Ahead of Data Protection Day 2023, IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes will host a LinkedIn Live roundtable featuring members of the IAPP board of directors, including former Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. Hughes and the board members will dive into the complex matters facing the global privacy community and predict what's to come in 2023. *IAPP membership required.
  • 240123, Webinar: NADPO January Webinar - Dr Monica Horten from Open Rights Group discusses "Everything in moderation: social media surveillance and the Online Safety Bill", Followed by Hassan Khan, Jason Ceci and Jonah Stegman discussing "No Privacy in the Electronics Repair Industry". NADPO membership required.
  • 180123, Webinar: IAPP Privacy in Practice 2023 - Join the IAPP Research and Insights Team as they share their top three areas of focus for privacy programme management, privacy law and privacy technology as 2023 begins. *IAPP membership required.
  • 1820123, Webinar: Cyber New Year’s resolutions: Predictions and best practices for risk management. An IAPP discussion focusing on how organisations can prepare for emerging cyber threats borrowing from lessons learned from last year. *IAPP membership required.
  • 130123, Webinar: BCS Everything is about to change: Data Protection/ Privacy Programmes. This talk will explore business change concepts. *BCS membership required.
  • 130123, Webinar: Privacy in the world of hybrid work: Solving the cloud challenge. An IAPP conference in which participants will learn what users expect from technology providers to meet privacy and data localisation challenges and how to navigate data sovereignty and international data transfers in a cloud-first world. *IAPP membership required.
  • 120123, Webinar: Shining a Light on Dark Patterns: Good Marketing vs Consumer Manipulation. This IAPP conference focuses on helping online advertisers determine where the line between dark patterns and experience optimisation lies following the release of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Dark Commercial Patterns report. *IAPP membership required.

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