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09/05/2024 | Freevacy & Partners

PrivacyCalendar (beta) is a feature where you will find details of upcoming online and in-person events such as webinars, round table events, panel discussions, exhibitions, and trade shows from leading industry bodies and organisations. If you miss the live broadcast of online events, many are available to stream on demand.

We will continue to update this page throughout the year.  recently posted events will be highlighted in yellow.

Note: See the event summary for the registration link. 

Event Summary
22-250524 Conference CPDP CPDP-ai 2024 conference - To govern or be governed, that is the question
The 17th international CPDP conference in Brussels, Belgium, aims to explore the governance of artificial intelligence. Experts from the fields of data protection and privacy, politics, and technology will come together to discuss how to govern AI and establish cooperation between different regulatory authorities for all its diverse facets. The conference aims to critically approach questions related to the future of cohabitation with AI in our digital societies, requiring multi-disciplinary conversations on societal, legal, ethical, and technical dynamics and norms.
220524 Webinar IAPP Get ready for the EU AI Act: Priorities for compliance
Join Joe Jones, Research & Insights Director, IAPP, for a discussion about preparing for the introduction of the EU AI Act. Which entities and activities are in scope? What are the AI Act’s key features and requirements? What compliance and governance actions should be prioritized? What should organizations be looking out for as the EU AI Act is implemented over the coming months and years?
120524 Conference
IRMS The annual IRMS Conference 
This year's event is being held between 12-14 May at DoubleTree Hilton, Brighton Metropole is the go-to event in the information management calendar, bringing together 400 practitioners, compliance managers, senior executives and others from a range of organisations across all industry sectors in the UK and beyond. This year's theme: Tides of Change - Surviving in a Sea of Information.
090524 Webinar IAPP Protecting Americans' Data from Foreign Adversaries Act
Join the IAPP for an online discussion about the bill prohibiting data brokers from selling sensitive personal data of individuals residing in the US to foreign adversaries or foreign adversary-controlled entities or individuals.
230424 Webinar IAPP Considering the EDPB Opinion on Consent or Pay
Join the IAPP for a discussion on the EDPB's Opinion on the validity of consent to process personal data for the purposes of behavioural advertising in the context of consent-or-pay models deployed by large online platforms. The opinion addresses the validity of consent to process personal data for the purposes of behavioural advertising in the context of consent-or-pay models deployed by large online platforms. IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones will be joined by EDPB Litigation and International Affairs Legal Officer Diletta De Cicco for an overview of the key facts, findings and recommendations.
150424 Webinar IAPP Path to APRA legislation: In conversation with a top Senate advisor
To help you understand more about the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA), IAPP Managing Director, Washington, D.C., Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, will be joined by Shannon Smith, who serves as an advisor to US Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wash. As one of the lead drafters and negotiators of the APRA, Smith will discuss the draft legislation's history, intent and prospects as both chambers prepare for its introduction.
120424 Podcast The New York Times IAPP CEO joins New York Times podcast to discuss the APRA, AI
In the latest Hard Fork podcast from The New York Times spoke with IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes about the introduction of the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) (starting at 28 minutes). Hughes discussed the APRA's key provisions and also touched on how the availability of training data is beginning to dry up for developers of artificial intelligence (AI) models.
120424 Webinar IAPP Reactions to the American Privacy Rights Act 
Join IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones for a LinkedIn Live discussion about the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA). Is it a good deal? What are the key features and requirements? What are the prospects of the APRA passing?
National privacy legislation has been on the US policy agenda for more than two decades. Presidents, industry and civil society have called for Congress to act, and several bills have been introduced but not passed. The APRA aims to give Americans enforceable data privacy rights and eliminate the patchwork of comprehensive state privacy laws.
Speakers: Julie Brill, Chief Privacy Officer and Corporate Vice President for Global Privacy, Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft and Cameron Kerry, Ann R. and Andrew H. Tisch Distinguished Privacy Fellow, The Brookings Institution.
080424 Webinar IAPP Previewing the American Privacy Rights Act
As the news of a bipartisan US agreement for a comprehensive privacy law reverberates throughout the industry, the IAPP discusses what's in the proposal and whether this is finally the time. Caitlin Fennessy, IAPP VP & Chief Knowledge Officer hosts a conversation with Samir Jain, VP of Policy at Center for Democracy & Technology and Keir Lamont, Director for U.S. Legislation at the Future of Privacy Forum. 
190324 Webinar IAPP Preparing to implement the EU AI Act
Ashley Casovan, Managing Director, AI Governance Center, IAPP, is joined by Cathy Cobey, Global Responsible AI co-lead, EY, for a discussion on what the EU AI Act means for the professionals working in and around the EU. The session will also consider what those developing and deploying AI governance within their company need to know.
150324 Webinar IAPP EU lawmaker discusses AI Act's next steps
In a LinkedIn session on 15 March, IAPP Research and Insights Director  IAPP Joe Jones and EU Artificial Intelligence Act co-rapporteur Dragos Tudorache will discuss the AI Act's phased implementation over the coming months along with what the future regulatory landscape for the AI Act means for organisations’ compliance efforts.
IAPP The EU AI Act: A major moment in the digital world
J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO at the IAPP, is joined by Christina Montgomery, IBM Chief Privacy and Trust Officer and Emma Redmond, OpenAI Associate General Counsel, Privacy and Data Protection for a discussion on what it means for the deployment of AI systems globally following the passing of the EU AI Act. 
120324 Conference GRC World Form PrivSec London
A two-day event taking place between 12 and 13 March at the Park Plaza, Riverbank in London. PrivSec London will feature thought leaders, industry experts and senior professionals from world-renowned companies sharing their knowledge, case studies and experience - and providing insightful, actionable content to an audience of end-user professionals. 
280224 Conference
IAPP IAPP Data Protection Intensive (DPI UK) 2024
A two-day event for IAPP members on 28-29 February at ETC.Venues 133 Houndsditch in London. This year's DPIUK programme features keynote speakers, including Information Commission John Edwards, along with breakout sessions and workshops diving into data protection laws, regulations, technology, and operational practices. 
230224 Conference
IRMS Roadshow Midlands Event in Birmingham
The one-day session features a number of sessions on Information Rights: The Global Challenge.  
150224 Webinar IAPP Pay or OK: Practical considerations for adtech and beyond
In considering the impact Meta's tiered subscription (pay or OK) model will have on the ad tech industry, IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones will host a LinkedIn Live session to discuss practical concerns advertisers should understand under the new paradigm. Joining Jones will be Criteo Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy Nathalie Laneret and Norway's data protection authority, Datatilsynet, Head of International Department Tobias Judin. 
060224 Conference
IRMS IRMS Roadshow North Event in Manchester
The one-day session features sessions on Digital approaches to data breaches and SARs, The impact of AI within Records Management and Supporting IG for long-term records within 365 and a panel discussion on the impact of AI within Records
290124 Webinar IAPP Breaking down the EU Artificial Intelligence Act
Join the IAPP on 29 January to pick over the latest text and what's in the act. Ashley Casovan will moderate a discussion with Cornelia Kutterer (Considerati, Université Grenoble Alpes(, Isabelle Roccia (IAPP), and Kai Zenner (European Parliament). What changes are there between this version and previous versions? What major requirements do you need to know about, and how should organizations prepare?
250124 Webinar IAPP The EDPB report on DPOs: What you need to know
Join the IAPP on 25 January to unpack the 2023 coordinated enforcement action report from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) addressing the designation and position of Data Protection Officers (DPOs). IAPP Managing Director, Europe, Isabelle Roccia, will host Sam Wrigley, Senior Officer at the Office of the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman, as he walks us through the report’s findings and possible next steps for organisations and data protection authorities (DPAs). 
Upcoming changes to UK data protection law
Join Dr Chris Pounder from Amberhawk for a discussion on the new data-sharing rules under the DPDI Bill, followed by Ibrahim Hasan of Act Now Training with a talk on the proposed changes to the UK GDPR.
220124 Webinar
IAPP Data Privacy Day and 2024 Predictions
Celebrate International Data Protection Day with the IAPP to discuss the future of data protection and privacy in 2024. IAPP President and CEO J. Trevor Hughes will be joined by Travis LeBlanc (Cooley), Caroline Louveaux (Mastercard) and Christina Montgomery (IBM) 
170124 Webinar
IAPP Research & insights: Priorities & predictions for privacy and AI governance
Join IAPP Research and Insights Director Joe Jones for a conversation with members of the IAPP Research and Insights Team and IAPP AI Governance Center Managing Director Ashley Casovan as they share their top areas of focus for 2024 across privacy and artificial intelligence governance. 
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