Introducing the chief AI officer

15/04/2024 | Financial Times

An article in the Financial Times (£) reports that the role of chief AI officer (CAIO) is gaining popularity among companies around the world as they seek to leverage the benefits of generative artificial intelligence while mitigating associated risks. The number of companies with a designated head of AI position has nearly tripled in the past five years, according to LinkedIn. The role has gained further credence after the US government mandated federal agencies designate CAIOs to provide accountability, leadership, and oversight for AI technology. 

While the CAIO position is growing in popularity, responsibilities for the role are still being defined, and its relevance in the future remains uncertain. CAIOs are responsible for deploying AI and generative AI within an organisation to improve efficiency, identify new revenue streams, and manage ethical and security risks. Candidates for the role require in-depth knowledge of AI tech, machine learning, data science, and analytics, as well as change management and legal understanding. The demand for AI expertise is high, but CAIOs are not always recruited from the same pool as those in bleeding-edge technology, nor do they command the same salary heights.

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