Hackers circumventing safety measures reveal AI models' flaws

21/06/2024 | Financial Times

An article in the Financial Times (£) looks at the growing number of hackers working to expose the vulnerabilities of large language models (LLMs). The article features an interview with Pliny the Prompter, who shared that it takes him around 30 minutes to breach even the most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) models, highlighting the potential risks associated with their capabilities. Pliny, along with a group of ethical hackers, academic researchers, and cyber security experts, aims to shed light on the shortcomings of LLMs, which are being released at a rapid rate by technology companies in pursuit of substantial profits.

Hackers such as Plinly have successfully found vulnerabilities in LLMs by circumventing safety measures. In doing so, they demonstrate how easily AI models can be manipulated to generate harmful content, disseminate disinformation, compromise private data, and produce malicious code.

Overall, the article showcases the increasing awareness and actions taken by individuals and organizations to address the vulnerabilities of LLMs and the need for improved security measures in this domain.

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