ENISA preparing for April vote on cloud sovereignty

10/04/2024 | EURACTIV

On Monday, 15 April, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) is expected to make a landmark decision on cloud cybersecurity amidst concerns over espionage and fragmentation of the European cloud market. ENISA's dedicated working group (ECCG) is set to approve the EU cybersecurity certification scheme (EUCS), which aims to harmonise national cloud certifications. The latest compromise draft by ENISA includes mandatory transparency provisions that replace the sovereignty requirements, such as information on storage location and data processing methods. 

However, some experts have raised concerns that these transparency rules may lead to disguised sovereignty requirements. A group of 19 companies have supported the need for "a European-level scheme" that prevents fragmentation across member states. Once ENISA approves the EUCS, the European Commission will issue an implementing act under the Cybersecurity Act, making it a common EU framework that member states can use voluntarily.

The article also reports that Members of the French Parliament will vote on cloud sovereignty provisions of the SREN digital bill on 10 April. 

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