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25/10/2023 | EDPB

European Data Protection Board (EDPB)  plenary session agenda:

25/10/23 - The agenda for the 86th plenary session on 27 October confirms the EDPB will discuss the request for a Binding Decision by the Norwegian data protection authority (DPA), Datatilsynet, concerning its enforcement action over the illegal surveillance-based behavioural advertising practices undertaken by Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd on its Facebook and Instagram platforms.

17/10/23 - The agenda for the 85th plenary session on 17 October includes a review of the 2023 coordinated enforcement on data protection officers, along with a discussion on potential topics for 2024. Also on the EDPB agenda is an update on strategic cross-border enforcement cases and the EDPB/EDPS joint opinion on the proposal for a digital euro regulation.

19/09/23 - The agenda for the 84th plenary session on 19 September includes a discussion on the joint opinion with the European Data Protection Supervisor on the proposal for a regulation on procedural rules for enforcing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Other agenda items include an update of a legal study for government access to data in third countries.

19/05/23 - The agenda for the 81st plenary session on 20 June includes discussing recommendations on the application for approval and on the elements and principles to be found in Controller Binding Corporate Rules under Article 47 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) along with a request for a mandate concerning the interplay between the EU Artificial Intelligence Act and EU data protection laws.

17/05/23 - The agenda for the 80th plenary session on 24 and 25 May will elect its new chair and deputy chair, with outgoing Chair Andrea Jelinek joining the newly elected leaders during a press conference on 25 May. The EDPB will also discuss three sets of adopted guidelines concerning the calculation of administrative fines, the application of Article 65(1)(a) under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Use of Technologies for Detecting, Removing and Reporting Online Child Sexual Abuse.  

24/04/23 - The agenda for the 79th plenary session on 26 April will include a presentation of the candidates for the upcoming EDPB Chair and Deputy Chair elections now that EDPB Chair Andrea Jelinek and Deputy Chairs Ventsislav Karadjov and Aleid Wolfsen are all standing down. Each position is a five-year renewable term. The EDPB will also discuss its draft guidelines on the use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement, along with a number of expert subgroups. 

11/04/23 - The agenda for the 78th plenary session on 13 April will discuss the binding decision in the case referred by the Irish Data Protection Commission under the EDPB under the EU General Data Protection Regulation Article 65 dispute resolution mechanism concerning the lawfulness of Meta's EU-US data transfers

Not included in the agenda but separately proposed for discussion by the Spanish DPA during the April plenary are the issues and concerns surrounding generative AIs such as Open AI's ChatGPT. 

28/03/23 - The agenda for the 77th plenary session on 28 March will discuss the ongoing Ireland Data Protection Commission case regarding the lawfulness of Meta's EU-US data transfers, including whether to add an additional document ahead of the final decision in April. The EDPB will also discuss a targeted update of the Guidelines for identifying a controller or processor’s lead supervisory authority.

28/03/23 - The agenda for the 76th plenary session on 28 February will discuss the draft adequacy decision concerning the proposed EU-US Data Privacy Framework. 

13/2/2023 - The agenda for the 75th plenary session on 14 February will address the elections for its new chair and deputy chair. The EDPB will also discuss the current status of the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, along with a follow-up to the Art.65 WhatsApp binding decision. Other items on the agenda include adopting Guidelines on the interplay between Art.3 and Chapter V of the EU General Data Protection Regulation concerning international transfers, and Guidelines on the use of certifications as a data transfer mechanism.

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