London play inspired by Britney Spears, privacy and data protection

27/05/2024 | Bang Premier

Claire Gaydon, a London-based playwright, has drawn inspiration from Britney Spears to delve into the topic of data protection in her latest play, 'Piece of Me.' The play, named after Britney Spears' 2007 hit, explores the challenges of fame and the handling of personal data in the modern world. Gaydon revealed that her interest in data protection was sparked when she discovered the rights individuals have under data protection laws. In an interview with BANG Showbiz, she shared an experiment she conducted in 2019, where she mimed the lyrics to Britney's song 'Radar' in public spaces and then requested the CCTV footage, only to find that less than 50% of the camera owners complied with data protection laws.

The play is set to be staged at the Camden People's Theatre in London, providing audiences with an insightful exploration of these thought-provoking themes.

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