How will geopolitics affect the cross-border data transfers?

29/05/2024 | Atlantic Council

An article from the Atlantic Council considers that the geopolitics of transatlantic data transfers have been a topic of consistent debate over the past decade. European governments have raised concerns about the US National Security Agency's (NSA) exploitation of personal data moving from Europe to the US for commercial purposes. Legal mechanisms between the US and EU have kept the data flowing, but not without instability and uncertainty.

More recent developments have seen a shift in the focus of national security concerns from Brussels to Washington as the Biden administration and US Congress take bold measures to disrupt specific cross-border data flows involving China and Russia.

The key questions is whether Washington's renewed attention to data transfers to authoritarian states will impact Europe, or if Europe will continue to scrutinise the surveillance activities of democratic partners like the US, and whether there is potential for further alignment between the two allies on the national security risks associated with transfers to authoritarian countries.

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