Freevacy launch BCS AI professional certifications

Published on Jun 14, 2023

Freevacy broadens range of professional development courses for the privacy industry with two internationally recognised qualifications addressing the ethical implications of artificial intelligence from BCS, the chartered institute for IT.

In the modern world of commerce and industry, the shift towards digitalisation presents countless possibilities. From cloud computing and big data analytics to artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, businesses and the public sector are embracing digital technologies to gain a competitive advantage and improve service provision.

Over time, we can anticipate significant progress in research thanks to the utilisation of online signals, real-time data, and the capacity to trawl through vast amounts of information. The results will not only make product development faster and more efficient but will also lead to innovations not previously considered, such as the identification of new drug molecules to make better medicines. At the same time, streamlined operations and automated procedures will boost productivity and lower costs, while improvements in data management will result in faster response times and more accurate information.

As we continue to advance and integrate cutting-edge technologies like AI, it's important that we don't overlook the ethical implications of our actions. We need to be mindful of the impact our decisions can have on society and make sure we're always making choices that are fair and just.

One of the most significant benefits of AI is its ability to analyse data and make predictions. While this can help organisations make more informed decisions that lead to better outcomes, the challenges associated with AI projects, such as the risks related to privacy, transparency, and potential biases in algorithms, can lead to unintended consequences.

The increasing influence of privacy and data protection professionals

With data breaches and privacy violations making headlines almost daily, companies rely on specialist practitioners to ensure they comply with data laws and industry best practices. The contribution of privacy and data protection professionals is therefore essential to building consumer trust, as well as avoiding costly regulatory enforcement action and reputational damage. As the importance of maintaining compliant, ethical data practices continues to grow, so too will the need for skilled industry professionals to guide companies in navigating this complex area.

It used to be the case that possessing expert-level knowledge of data protection laws was sufficient to be an industry professional. However, the landscape has since evolved, and professionals are now expected to offer guidance on a range of data-driven topics, further increasing their value to their organisations.

Freevacy founder Joyce Allen said, "Modern privacy practitioners are becoming data specialists who possess a broad understanding of the lifecycle of data within their organisation, including the non-legal aspects of utilising and protecting personal data. This trend will only accelerate over time as the regulatory environment matures and businesses continue to invest in digital transformation and AI technologies. To stay current, industry professionals must build on existing legal data protection knowledge to expand their capabilities."

That's why we're excited to launch two new professional certifications from the BCS that address the ethical considerations organisations need to allow for when implementing AI technology.

The BCS Essentials and Foundation Certificates in AI will equip modern data protection practitioners, privacy engineers, along with broader ESG and IT professionals with the knowledge and skills required to navigate complex ethical concerns associated with AI, ensuring organisations can harness the power of this transformational technology while minimising the risk of harms.

BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic without using overly complex technical jargon.

This BCS course serves as an entry point for those who need to be able to engage in informed discussions with specialist teams responsible for developing AI systems. For others, it can be the beginning of a longer journey of learning and development.

This course is suitable for a non-technical audience, including those working within the privacy industry, where developing an understanding of AI is quickly becoming an essential skill.

BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Building on the knowledge obtained in the Essentials certificate, the BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is intended for a more technical audience.

As the adoption of AI increases across all sectors of the economy, so does the need for certified professionals who can address the ethical challenges that AI raises. It's not enough to simply create AI systems that can perform tasks efficiently, we must also ensure they are built in a way that is fair, safe, and beneficial to everyone involved.

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