What Are The Benefits Of IAPP Certification?

Published on Jan 27, 2021

IAPP stands for International Association Of Privacy Professionals. It is an organisation and community that provides a comprehensive body of resources for people working in the privacy industry.

Data protection officers or other privacy professionals, such as chief privacy officers and privacy technologists, who are responsible for a company’s data protection compliance, developing their skills to advance their career and build their knowledge are the majority of IAPP members. By learning more skills you can manage your organisation’s data risks and install appropriate mitigating measures.

While there are other data protection training courses available, IAPP training courses and certification offers a variety of unmatched, unique benefits. IAPP Certification also includes membership providing access to conferences, tools, and knowledge unavailable with any other training course provider. An IAPP qualification is not required to gain IAPP membership.

Benefits of IAPP Membership

Delegates have many options to choose from when browsing the various courses available. What makes the IAPP stand out is how the organisation assists the continuous professional development of its 68,000 members using online resources and worldwide conferences. These conferences are currently paused due to the pandemic.

The IAPP is a policy-neutral training course provider that was founded in 2000. It’s training courses and certifications incorporate GDPR and workplace skills into its qualifications. You don’t need any prior training to participate in a course and opportunities for self-directed study are offered as well.

They’re the world’s largest community for privacy information and training. The exam provider brings together like-minded professionals who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge. This allows members to continue thriving in the ever-evolving information economy.

Here are some examples of the unique benefits IAPP membership offers:

  • Exclusive access to informative content on privacy, expert analysis, and original reporting, as well as video and web conferences that cover growing topics and keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • A resource centre with tools and templates designed to make the role of data protection officers simpler and easier. Using the resources you can become more organised and efficient in your job.
  • Although the pandemic has affected in-person conferences and events, the IAPP is the only global privacy organisation that has historically hosted large events for its members. Normally members can attend conferences in the UK, Europe, and around the world that cover the biggest aspects of data protection in the UK. The events feature a wide range of expert speakers, breakout sessions, networking events, workshops, and training groups.

How To Maintain IAPP Certification

All IAPP, CIPP and CIPM award holders must complete 20 hours of privacy education (CPE) for each qualification they have. Often, this is something data protection officers and privacy professionals may do already to keep ahead of the curve. All you have to do is provide proof these hours have been completed and you will earn CPE points. These points can be earned through a wide range of activities, which include:

  • Downloading books or whitepapers
  • Reading news articles
  • Accessing tools & resources
  • Viewing videos or web conferences
  • Attending seminars and conferences

This process exists to ensure that all members are keeping up to date with the latest data privacy developments. It’s also useful for employers’ GDPR compliance requirements, as they can demonstrate staff accountability.

Article 38(2) of the GDPR requires the controller to support data protection officers to maintain their knowledge base by providing the latest expert resources. The IAPP CPE process supports a variety of privacy professionals learning and development, not only DPOs.

Continuous professional development applies to almost everyone in the perpetually evolving privacy industry. Whether you’re a DPO, work in privacy management or data protection compliance, learning new skills is essential. The IAPP is an active community that supports each member to develop their data privacy knowledge through exam preparation, study groups, and post-certification education.

The Qualifications Available

Here are three of the training courses provided by the IAPP:

CIPP/E – Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe

This course gives participants a broad outline of the GDPR from an international viewpoint, without covering the same topics as the BCS Practitioner Certificate. It’s designed for IT professionals as well as people working in data privacy and protection. This includes legal and compliance roles, information management, HR, and data governance positions.

Find out more about CIPP/E.

CIPM – Certified Information Privacy Manager

A unique training course that builds on the legal knowledge participants learned in the CIPP/E and BCS practitioner certificate. While giving a global outlook on data protection, its topics address UK businesses and the public sector’s requirements to implement an effective privacy management programme which is what makes the course unique. This makes it one of the most valuable courses on offer in the industry.

Find out more about CIPM.

CIPT – Certified in Privacy Technology

A training course that covers privacy-related topics and developments around the design and application of information and communication technologies. Its topics are tailored towards professionals who implement the technical aspects of a privacy program. Coming soon.

When booking an IAPP training course with Freevacy, you will receive 12-months membership as part of the IAPP exam package. This provides access to IAPP memberships many benefits such as exclusive reports, surveys, and conferences.

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