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UPDATE: ICO welcomes delay to GP Patient data sharing scheme

UPDATE: 080621 - The ICO issued two statements relating to the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) data collection scheme. The first in response to the growing chorus of concerns. The second released shortly afterwards welcomed the decision to delay the launch until September. The Guardian also welcomed the delay having covered the topic consistently since The Register originally reported the news at the end of May. 


Doctors in England have warned plans to create a database and share patient records for research could undermine public trust. The Royal College of GPs is also concerned, having recently written to NHS Digital requesting better communication and include details for opting-out. The Guardian also writes that NHS data grab needs further explaining.  

  • UPDATE: 010621 - The Guardian reports Senior DR's call on GPS and colleagues not to share personal data with NHS Digital.
  • UPDATE: 010621 - New Stateman is concerned that the NHS data grab heralds the rise of tech authoritarianism.
  • UPDATE: 030621 - The Guardian reports GPs are fighting back against NHS Digitals data sharing plans.
  • UPDATE: 040621 - The Guardian claim the conservative party have realised the best way to gain access to NHS data is to do it in a pandemic.
  • UPDATE: 060621 - The Guardian reports on increasing calls for the patient data-sharing scheme to be halted.
  • UPDATE: 060621 - The Guardian reveals Labour have asked NHS and Matt Hancock to pause plans for sharing patient data.
  • UPDATE: 060621 - The Guardian reports on why we should be concerned about plans for GPs’ records.
  • UPDATE: 070621 - ComputerWeekly calls for NHS Digital’s GP data-scraping plan to be publicised and delayed
  • The Register first reported on this story at the end of May.
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