Priti Patel warns Facebook encryption plans will harm children

19/04/2021 | The Guardian

Home secretary Priti Patel is calling for technology companies, including Facebook, to "live up to their moral duty" and do more to safeguard children in a roundtable discussion about end-to-end message encryption. Major tech firms use a range of technologies to identify child abuse images, but concerns have been raised that proposals to end-to-end encrypt Facebook Messenger and Instagram will render these tools useless. The case against encryption is the latest in a nearly 30-year battle being pitched to Facebook as an either-or argument to protect children online or preserve privacy. As The Register puts it, change the record. The government paid PA Consulting to write a report about how E2E encryption protects "adults' privacy at the expense of children's safety." Yet, encryption isn't the impediment to police investigations that it once was, given that European police forces used malware to take down the Encrochat E2E phone network

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