The future of privacy-first identity-based advertising

04/04/2022 | The Drum

In an article covering a panel discussion at The Drum's Digital Transformation festival, Steve Francolla, head of partnerships at audience platform company Permutive, said he believes, "I think that, ultimately, advertisers and publishers are going to start to prioritize privacy over scale." The discussion concentrated on whether marketers have become over-reliant on third-party cookies. Throughout the debate, the panel considered how advertising existed perfectly well for 150 years, and while cookies offered marketers an irresistible opportunity, it is now being scaled back. Future of Privacy Forum director of technology and privacy research, Christy Harris, asserted ID systems could allow marketers to turn the page on privacy. "Cookies were initially developed as a mechanism for state management on websites," she said. "But they're also able to facilitate very robust tracking that goes far beyond what users expect. We're now seeing a recognition that there are practices that maybe should not be enabled by default. ID solutions will not replace cookies but will achieve data collection goals in a more private manner."

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