Privacy Shield news roundup

Privacy Shield news following last weeks CJEU ruling

More news and commentary following the CJEU Privacy Shield ruling:

17th July:

  • EDPB statement.
  • EDPS statement.
  • CNIL statement.
  • EDPB adopts statement on the CJEU's ruling in Facebook Ireland v Schrems.
  • IAPP President Omar Tene declares how the show must go on. 
  • 11KBW Panopticon Blog discusses more unhappy thoughts on Schrems II.
  • IAPP Privacy Advisor blog asks what Privacy Shield organisations should do now.
  • IAPP reaction between Max Schrems and Hogan Lovells Partner Eduardo Ustaran following CJEU's ruling on Privacy Shield, SCCs.
  • TechCrunch looks at how legal clouds are gathering over US cloud IT services.
  • Reuters reveals Mike Pompeo said to be 'deeply disappointed' with Privacy Shield invalidation.

20th July:

  • NOYB watch Max Shcrems discuss the next steps for EU companies following CJEU ruling.
  • IAPP launch DPA and government guidance page on Schrems II.
  • IAPP more reaction as Irish DPC Helen Dixon and DLA Piper Partner Andy Serwin dissect CJEU ruling.
  • IAPP publishes article on what 'Schrems II' means for controller-to-processor SCCs.
  • IAPP asks what does 'Schrems II' mean for EU-UK data flows?

21st July:

  • IAPP asks what the Schrems II decision means for the UK securing an adequacy finding? 

22nd July:

  • IAPP asks whether the EU will become an information island?
  • IAPP discusses the impact of Schrems II on controller-to-controller SCCs
  • IAPP outline action steps US multinationals should take over the transfer of HR data. 

23rd July:

  • EDPB urges SAs and holders of BCRs to act ahead of the end of the transition period to ensure the BCRs can still be used as a transfer tool.
  • 11KBW Panopticon Blog highlights the need for organisations relying on BCRs using the ICO in the UK to act now and select an EU supervisory authority. 
  • IAPP post on how DPAs advise approaching SCCs.
  • IAPP post on BCRs as a robust alternative to Privacy Shield and SCCs.
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