Open letter calls on ICO to address Government FOI failings

07/04/2022 | openDemocracy

Over 100 journalists, politicians and campaigners have signed an open letter to the new information commissioner, John Edwards, calling for an end to government secrecy and better enforcement of freedom of information legislation. The letter, coordinated by openDemocracy, was signed by Guardian editor Katharine Viner, Observer editor Paul Webster, The Ferret, Tory MP David Davis, the Green Party's Caroline Lucas and shadow solicitor general, Andy Slaughter. The letter urges Edwards to defend the public's right to know and says that "the current approach to enforcing the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act is clearly not working".

In response, Mr Edwards said, "We acknowledge the concerns expressed in this letter. FOI plays an important part in civic engagement and holding public services to account, and we share the desire to see the law work effectively."

Also reported by The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Ferret.

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