ICCL report highlights magnitude of real-time bidding data sharing

16/05/2022 | Irish Council for Civil Liberties

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has published a report making clear the amount of personal data being shared through real-time bidding (RTB) advertising. According to ICCL estimates, RTB shares intimate characteristics about internet users a staggering 178 trillion times per annum in the US and Europe. There is a slight disparity between the volumes, with data on US users being shared 747 times per day, compared to 376 for European users. The statistics back up the long-held claim from the ICCL that RTB amounts “to the largest data breach ever”. The report also highlights that Google allows 4698 companies to receive RTB data on US users, while companies based around the world, including Russia and China, have access to US and European data with no controls in place to limit what is done with the data.   

In related news, The Irish Times reports Google has been added to a High Court action alleging that the Data Protection Commission failed to fully investigate a complaint about how the internet giant and digital marketing association IAB Europe process personal data.

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