IAB unveils Global Privacy Platform, Vodafone tests Ad ID system

03/06/2022 | IAB Tech Lab

IAB Tech Lab has released its Global Privacy Platform (GPP), a system for transmitting consumer privacy choice signals from websites to adtech companies. GPP will enable publishers to tell consumers what personal data is being collected and how it will be used at a lower cost. IAB Tech Lab CEO Anthony Katsur said, "one-off" solutions aren't able to address adtech's "cross-jurisdictional consumer privacy and control challenges," whereas the GPP can "provide consistent privacy and consent controls across all digital media channels."

Meanwhile, Beelping Computer reports that Vodafone is testing a new advertising ID system in Germany called TrustPid. The new system attempts to make it impossible to bypass cookie blocking or IP address masking from within the web browser settings. Each customer is assigned a fixed ID that associates all user activity. Furthermore, this fixed ID profile does not disclose identification details. The Internet Service Provider would then create a user profile based on that fixed ID to send targeted ads. TrustPid is randomly generated, and subscribers have the option to manage their consent for tracking. The profile does not disclose identification details.

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