EU institutions close to agreement on online ads language in DSA

19/04/2022 | EURACTIV

The Council of the European Union has offered a new compromise text on the regulation of targeted advertising in the proposed Digital Services Act, which might satisfy the concerns of other EU institutions. The council is proposing a limited ban on ads targeting known children and an all-out ban on the profiling of sensitive personal data. The text contained in the compromise also deals with dark patterns and indicates the European Commission will provide further guidance.

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In related news, in an op-ed for EURACTIV, Civil Liberties Union for Europe Senior Advocacy Officer Eva Simon and Coalition for Creativity Coordinator Caroline De Cock write that the DSA must not be able to create a scenario where critical documentation of war crimes gets deleted from the internet. They compared the continued efforts by journalists and human rights activists to document evidence of war crimes in Ukraine to Google deleting videos from the Syrian Archive in 2018, which were flagged as inappropriate content and removed by automatic filters using machine learning.

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