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W3C launches Privacy Community Group

The Register

Update your WordPress plugins


Tinder new safety feature shares user data

Infosecurity Magazine

Thousands of Baby Photos and Videos Leaked Online

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Tech companies reject controversial facial-recognition startup


Statement about online harms white paper consultation

The Guardian

Private companies tracking council web visitors on benefits and disability


OK Google, delete everything I said last week

The Guardian

New Cambridge Analytica leak - Data Targeting Out Of Control

The Register

Mozilla and the European Commission agree the internet needs to change


Microsoft issues Windows 10 security fix after NSA warning


Microsoft agrees not to "use your data for advertising or profiling"


Max Schrems files compliant with German DPA against Amazon

The Guardian

Jeff Bezos phone hacked by Saudi crown prince

City AM

Is Uber normalising mass surveillance?

11KBW Panopticon Blog

International Data Transfers: There is Life in Standard Clauses Yet


ICO publish Code of Practice to protect children’s privacy online


High court in Berlin upholds GDPR complaints against Facebook


Google+ Agrees $7.5 Million Settlement for Data Breach


Google set to downgrade UK users privacy protections

Pincent Masons

Germany calls for stronger GDPR rules for software developers

Wall Street Journal

GDPR Probes to Go After AI and Sophisticated Technology


EU to consider a five-year ban on facial recognition technology in public spaces


EU tells Facebook, we make the rules


EU considering clampdown on digital assistants


EDPB warns of privacy risks in Google, Fitbit merger


DPC prepares draft decisions in first two big tech inquiries


DPC launches new probe into Tinder

The Register

Double standards? Of course not. Meanwhile, the Conservative party switches from using WhatsApp to Signal

Infosecurity Magazine

Convicted iCloud voyeur from Suffolk

The Register

Chrome can track you across Google sites using per-install ID numbers

The Register

Bug affects Hundreds of millions of Broadcom-based modems

The Hill

Brazil fines Facebook R$6.6M over Cambridge Analytica

The Guardian

BOOK REVIEW: Uncanny Valley A Memoir

DLA Piper

Belgian DPA reveals 5-year plan


Avast to close down Jumpshot after data scandal


Apple’s new privacy features have bigger impact on location-based ads

The Telegraph

Apple is scanning iCloud photos to check for child abuse

The Register

Apple calls out the US Attorney General on renewed iPhone decryption and backdoor demands

The Register

Apple abandoned plans to fully encrypt iCloud backups after FBI pressure


Antivirus collecting and selling browsing data of millions


Amazon Ring passes personal data to third-parties

The Guardian

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos met with FBI in 2019 over alleged Saudi phone hack

The Guardian

AI to detect harassment in emails


2 billion Facebook users asked to check their privacy settings

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