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The Guardian

Use of facial recognition causes anger at south Wales football derby

The Guardian

Use of Facial recognition at South Wales derby 'a step too far'

The Telegraph

UK Police ask homeowners to create a network of doorbell cameras

The Guardian

UK may lose access to EU data after a series of scandals

Express & Star

Staffordshire Police accused of making secret requests to NHS over mental health of complainants

Scottish Legal News

Scottish Police use of Cyber Kiosks raised with UN in human rights report


Police in Scotland to begin controversial roll-out of Cyber-Kiosk devices

The Times

Police in Scotland agree to share data on dangerous offenders

The Guardian

Police in need of guidance to use data and AI tech

The Guardian

Police breached drink-driver rights by retaining his DNA

The Guardian

Phone seizures in rape investigation to be reviewed

The Guardian

Met Police remove hundreds of names from gangs matrix

The Register

Met Police live facial recognition false positive rate is 88%

The Guardian

London's Facial recognition cameras have put us all in an identity parade

The Guardian

London Met police begin use of live facial recognition technology


ICO statement on Metropolitan Police Service facial recognition announcement

The Register

Hacker spared prison after Police find almost 9,000 cardiac images

The Intercept_

EU Police planning network of live facial recognition databases


Body cameras investigation reveals challenges for UK police

The Guardian

Biometrics commissioner confirms he does not support use of facial recognition by Met Police

The Guardian

Activists cover faces to beat Met surveillance

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