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The Register

WordPress plugin profile builder is a serious security threat

The Register

Update your WordPress plugins

Infosecurity Magazine

Two-thirds of UK Businesses Still on Windows 7 - Support Deadline Arriving

Infosecurity Magazine

Thousands of UK Consultants Date Leaded Online

Infosecurity Magazine

Nearly 1300 Devices Lost by London Councils in Three Years


Microsoft issues Windows 10 security fix after NSA warning

Irish DPC

Irish DPC releases security guidance for controllers

Infosecurity Magazine

Insider threat grows between 2019 and 2020


ICO Monetary Penalty - DSG (Dixons) Retail fined £500k


How to use 2020 to improve your incident response


How to check if website downloads are malicious

Infosecurity Magazine

Half of organisations phished last year

Infosecurity Magazine

Government loses 2000 devices in a year


Google+ Agrees $7.5 Million Settlement for Data Breach

The Register

Google eases up on those racing to patch flawed products

The Guardian

European parliament will not use facial recognition technology

The Register

Cyber-insurance providers face multiple risks, and lack trust

The Guardian

Computer Misuse Act in urgent need of reform


CISOs burnout in 26 months on average

The Register

Bug affects Hundreds of millions of Broadcom-based modems

The Guardian

British Government accused of 'behaving like cowboys' after copying an EU database

Infosecurity Magazine

4 out of 5 UK businesses do not have a cyber insurance policy

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