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White Paper – 2020 Global Legislative Predictions


What we can learn from Clearview AI

The Guardian

We must not accept our loss of privacy

The Guardian

Use of facial recognition causes anger at south Wales football derby

The Guardian

Use of Facial recognition at South Wales derby 'a step too far'

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Tech companies reject controversial facial-recognition startup

Scottish Government

Scottish Parliament backs oversight of police use of biometric data


Pope, tech companies, call for facial recognition regulation

The Guardian

Police in need of guidance to use data and AI tech

The Register

Met Police live facial recognition false positive rate is 88%

The Guardian

London's Facial recognition cameras have put us all in an identity parade

The Guardian

London Met police begin use of live facial recognition technology

City AM

Is Uber normalising mass surveillance?


ICO statement on Metropolitan Police Service facial recognition announcement


ICO Sandbox after six: blending privacy with innovation

UK Government

ICO and SCC issue updated DPIA guidelines for surveillance cameras

Wall Street Journal

GDPR Probes to Go After AI and Sophisticated Technology


Facial recognition technology breaches GDPR

The Guardian

European parliament will not use facial recognition technology


EU to consider a five-year ban on facial recognition technology in public spaces


EU scraps facial recognition ban in public areas plan

The Intercept_

EU Police planning network of live facial recognition databases


EDPS discuss challenges and opportunities surrounding AI and Facial Recognition

BuzzFeed News

Clearview AI sister company developing surveillance camera


Chinese facial recognition technology identifies mask-wearers


Body cameras investigation reveals challenges for UK police

The Guardian

Biometrics commissioner confirms he does not support use of facial recognition by Met Police

The Guardian

Activists cover faces to beat Met surveillance

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