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Irish DPC investigates Instagram over handling of children's data

Group legal claims, Court case, law

Pincent Masons

Data breach claims are increasing

Self isolate, coronavirus

The Guardian

Police get access to NHS test and trace self-isolate data

Dominic Cummings

The Guardian

UK could become 'data haven' after Brexit


ICO fines British Airways £20m in reduced GDPR penalty

British Airways


ICO finalises £20m fine against British Airways

EU Flag


IAB Europe’s ad tracking consent framework breaches GDPR

Digital image, personal data, anonymity

Global Privacy Assembly

Data subject rights and AI privacy feature in GPA newsletter

Westminster, Politics, UK Flag, blured people

Open Rights Group

Political campaigning is the real issue

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Supply chain

Pinsent Masons

Smart supply chains and data governance


The Register

Zoom announces end-to-end out encryption

Irish Data Protection Commission, DPC

The Irish Times

DPC receives €2 million additional funding

Twitter privacy, padlock

Wall Street Journal

Irish DPC confirms Twitter data breach investigation will go into 2021

CCTV, Surveillance, Facial recognition


Hidden video surveillance did not violate human rights

Collaboration, engagement, accountability


Engagement key to protecting people during pandemic


BBC News

ICO to probe Klarna after privacy complaints

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

House of Lords

The future UK-EU relationship on professional and business services

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EU Court, CJEU, law, legal scales

Pinsent Masons

EU data protection enforcement focus on personal data breaches

EU, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg


Schrems granted judicial review of the Irish DPC’s handling of complaint

Brexit, Flag EU UK, Westminster


UK failing EU data privacy test

Cambridge Analytica

The Guardian

The Observer view on the ICOs Cambridge Analytica investigation



Amazon faces German lawsuit over continued use of Privacy Shield

Public House

The Times

Contact-tracing data collected by pubs and restaurants being sold on

US Digital Binary


U.S. admits its playing catch up in regulating Big Tech

Robot, AI, Algorythm


What privacy frameworks can teach us for implementing AI

EU, Binary Data, Breach, Hole, Gravity

Electronic Frontier Foundation

A potential battle within the EU to end-to-end encryption

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CPS, MoJ, Government

Scottish Legal News

CPS guilty of over 1,500 data breaches last year

Question mark

The Register

ICANN asks EU for help making its WHOIS service GDPR

Department for Education


ICO publishes results of Department for Education audit

UK Flag, Buckingham Palace


CJEU throws wrinkle into EU-UK adequacy talks

Medical records, NHS


Health records available on iPhone in UK

Zoom, padlock


EU Commission seeks encryption assurances from Zoom

Rocket launch


How codes of conduct could be a 'Schrems II' solution

Globe, Privacy, Data Transfer, Security, Digital

Global Privacy Control

Global Privacy Control set up to help consumers exercise privacy rights

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Eye, Biometrics


EDPS speaks on state of biometrics in the EU

Flag Belgium

Privacy & Information Security Law Blog

Belgian DPA publishes 2019 Annual Report



CJEU rules against mass surveilance without limits

I Voted, Politics, Facebook


ICO thoughts on political campaigning investigation

Julian Assange

The Guardian

Court to rule on overseas FOI requests


Future of Privacy Forum

FPF submits children's privacy comments to United Nations



CJEU hears Belgium DPA enforcement case against Facebook on 5th Oct

wearables, smartwatch

Mishcon de Reya

The rise of wearable technology


Saarland DPA

German DPAs rule on Microsoft Office 365 data protection

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Gavel, Court

Hogan Lovells

The truth about Schremms II



How to gain true compliance with cookie requirements

Transparency, crystal clear water


Will Privacy Shield's demise usher in transparency? Part 2

Marriott Hotel

Mishcon de Reya

Marriott GDPR fine delayed again

ICO webpage image


ICO open consultation to update enforcement guidelines


Hamberg DPA

Hamburg DPA issues €35.3M fine to H&M

Facebook, data protection


Facebook takes legal action against two data scraping companies

Leader, business, DPO, CISO

Infosecurity Magazine

Key skill needed by CISOs

Data Transfer, One Stop Shop


CIPL releases white paper on data transfers under GDPR

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US Government

US Government

US government publishes data transfers white paper

Jar of coins, Money, Fine


ICO provides grants for three new privacy projects

Globe, map, data transfer


What to expect on revised standard contractual clauses

Binary data, padlock

Open Rights Group

Update the Data Protection Act to serve everyone

Out of focus, blurred background

The Guardian

Big tech privacy news roundup

NHS Contact tracing app


NHS Covid-19 app has improved privacy protections over original model

FOI, Access to Information, subject access

Channell 4 News

Great Hack documentary into Cambridge Analytica data revealed

Dissatisfied customer, negative customer survey

Infosecurity Magazine

KPMG survey reveals consumers abandon companies after data breach

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Donald Trump

Channel 4 News

Trump campaign detered millions of Black Americans from voting


Public Technology

Home Office data breach in Belgrade

Meghan Markle

The Guardian

Meghan book can be used in newspaper privacy case

EU Court, CJEU, law, legal scales

The Register

EU decision on UK data adequacy political football in Brexit negotiations

Out of focus, blurred background


Focus on clarity after Schrems II

Google Ads

Irish Examiner

Civil liberties group concerned Irish DPC's handling of big tech companies



Tech companies faining to comply on EU-U.S. data transfers

Permission, consent, thumbs up

The Register

Too many employees given privileged work accounts for no reason

Flag EU


Speech at the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol

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