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The Guardian

Will being healthy and living longer be worth the loss of privacy?


WHO CIO talks about healthcare data, privacy, trust, and ethics

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Tech companies reject controversial facial-recognition startup

The Guardian

Teachers trial body cameras in schools


Surveillance Cameras Uncover New Insights Into Human Behavior

Scottish Legal News

Scottish Police use of Cyber Kiosks raised with UN in human rights report

Open Rights Group

Public kept in the dark over data-driven political campaigning


Professor linked to Cambridge Analytica scandal


Police in Scotland to begin controversial roll-out of Cyber-Kiosk devices


Online Advertising Out of Control

The Guardian

New Cambridge Analytica leak - Data Targeting Out Of Control

The Telegraph

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella says Data Privacy is a ‘Human Right’


Microsoft agrees not to "use your data for advertising or profiling"

The Guardian

London's Facial recognition cameras have put us all in an identity parade

DLA Piper

Leaked Whitepaper - AI Regulation and Data Protection in the EU

The Guardian

Instead of being sensed, we should be the sensor in smart cities


ICO warns Adtech again

Inside Privacy

European Parliament Committee Approves AI Resolution

European Commission

European Commission announce Data and Artificial Intelligence strategy


EU to consider a five-year ban on facial recognition technology in public spaces


EU scraps facial recognition ban in public areas plan

Inside Privacy

Digital Health Resolution Endorsed by European Parliament


Data Provenance set to become the transparency issue in 2020

Open Rights Group

Can Ad-Tech become an ethical industry?

The Guardian

British Government accused of 'behaving like cowboys' after copying an EU database

The Times

Betting companies access data for 28m children

Ad Exchanger

5 adtech pros discuss how privacy can change the industry in 2020

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